Research center

Research center

The IQUIFIB is an institute dedicated to scientific research, teaching, and training of human resources in biochemistry and biophysics, belonging to the University of Buenos Aires and CONICET (National Scientific and Technical Research Council). It was established in 1983, succeeding the Center for the Study of Hypophyseal Hormones, a pioneering institution in the structural study of proteins in the country. It is located in the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry of the University of Buenos Aires.

The institute's staff have a long and strong tradition in the biochemical study of proteins with a biophysical focus, aiming to understand the dynamic and structural aspects of enzymatic activity, solute transport across biological membranes and ligand binding to macromolecules.

There are currently 32 research groups working at the Institute.

Research lines

The research lines are divided into the following main areas: Molecular Biophysics, Hormone Biochemistry, Pathological Biochemistry, Plant Biochemistry, Neurochemistry and Neurobiology, Membrane Transport, and Protein Chemistry.

Additionally, IQUIFIB includes LANAIS-PROEM, a specialized laboratory of national reference, dedicated to providing sequencing and mass spectrometry services, with a focus on protein analysis and other biomolecules of interest. Its contribution is essential for the generation of basic knowledge in the scientific community and for supporting the development and quality control in the biotechnological industry.


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