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We provide active support for the exchange of students and research scientists through our Mobility Fellowships.

LIC. María Belén López


"Thanks to CEBEM Fellowships, I had the opportunity to complete a residency at the Institut Pasteur in Montevideo, where I learned new techniques and procedures for protein crystallization that significantly enhanced my academic and professional growth".

Let’s keep unlocking the power of collaboration:
3rd Call for Research Infrastructure Access and Scientific Collaboration

CEBEM Mobility Fellowships are designed to unlock the power of collaboration by facilitating access to research infrastructure and promoting the exchange of knowledge and expertise among researchers in the field of Structural Biology or Structural Biology plus Bioimaging Integrative Approaches, with a special emphasis on fostering collaborations within Latin America.

The Regular Call has closed but the Fast Track Option remains open for the remainder of 2024 until the budget allocated for Mobility Fellowships is fully used.

Fast Track Call

The call is open for graduate students, researchers, and research facility personnel (with priority given to those based in Latin America) who require swift completion of particular experiments in the fields of Structural Biology, Bioimaging and Integrative Approaches. This option caters to urgent needs such as finalizing ongoing experiments or addressing specific challenges. Funding is up to USD 1000 to support travel/lodging expenses, as well as facility bench fees.

Applications (in English) are open and will be received by filling out this form.

We suggest reading the Regular Call for details on visiting opportunities at other laboratories and the evaluation process.

For inquiries and further information, please contact

We look forward to receiving your innovative proposals and fostering collaborative research endeavors within the CEBEM community.

Damila Mihovilcevic


“Thanks to CEBEM Fellowships, I had the opportunity to learn from specialists about CryoEM and develop new skills in the field of Structural Biology. I had the chance to learn how to prepare my own grids and perform an initial screening of them on a cryogenic transmission electron microscope. On a personal level, it was an amazing and highly enriching experience. It allowed me to meet many people who encouraged me to embrace a new scientific perspective”.

Regular Call

The Regular Call is aimed at graduate students, researchers, or staff affiliated with research institutions and/or facilities (priority will be given to applicants working in Latin America, particularly those in the fields of Structural Biology or Structural Biology plus Bioimaging Integrative approaches). Visits should involve exchanges between CEBEM nodes, as well as to or from CEBEM nodes connecting to other laboratories in Latin America or abroad. Please, explore the facilities and research infrastructure offered at the different CEBEM nodes. (Importante note: due to the supporting grant policies, travel to or from the USA cannot be considered).


CEBEM’s fellowship program will provide support for visits to perform experiments and data collection using specialized research infrastructure and/or requests for computing time/facilities and specific experiments within CEBEM’s scientific areas of interest.

Duration and Funding:

Evaluation Process:

Proposals will be evaluated by the CEBEM Executive Committee in consultation with a panel of experts. Evaluation criteria will include scientific excellence regarding molecular and/or cellular questions to be answered, technical feasibility, and the availability of funds.

How to Apply:

Interested applicants should submit their proposals outlining the objectives, planned activities and expected outcomes of the visit. Additionally, applicants should provide details on the research infrastructure to be accessed and the potential for scientific collaboration.

CEBEM acknowledges support from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (grant “Building Bioimaging Capacity in South America”), aimed at integrating regional capacities in Structural Biology and Bioimaging, optimizing the use of sophisticated equipment, and disseminating integrative approaches.

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🎉 Congratulations to all the new members! Welcome to our collaborative network!

This project has been made possible in part by a grant from the Chang Zuckerberg Initiative DAF, an advised fund of Silicon Valley.